Team Captain Responsibilities

In preparing this blog, I took a look at what it is that I expect from team captains. Team captains play a vital role to the program and are often underutilized, making it a title and not a role. Team captains are the leaders of the team and should make sure that the team is following their guidance. I hold team captains in high regard and they should act accordingly. Here is what I outlined for my team captains:

The team captains are the main representatives of the team and will conduct themselves in that manner. Team captains are held to a higher standard than the rest of team as they are an intermediary between the coaching staff and the team.

  • Team captains will aid the coaching staff with the development of team rules, policies and procedures.
  • They will notify the team of the times of practices, games, and any team meetings along with any time changes that may occur during the season. They are to make sure that all team members are present and ready to go on time, whether it is for practice, a home game, or the bus for an away game.
  • Team captains are to know all the rules that deal with player eligibility, game rules, and both school and team rules. They are to make sure that the team is aware of these rules and abide by them.
  • As a team captain, you are to serve as an example of good sportsmanship.
  • You are to serve as a motivator for the team, both on and off the field.
  • On the days of games, the team is to dress the same at school. Some examples of this are tie dyed shirts, shirt and tie, game shirts, etc. It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure that the team is aware of what to wear and that everyone comes to school dressed accordingly.
  • Team captains lead warm-ups, stretches and cool downs both before and after practice.
  • Team captains are a role model to the rest of the team. This means that team captains come ready to practice every day, arrive early and make sure that all necessary equipment is on the practice field.
  • Team captains are to be at all team meetings and team related events.
  • Team captains are to organize and keep track of off season workouts and report this information back to the coaching staff.

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